February 17, 2016

Why Facebook is so Important for Real Estate Professionals

Facbook-houseWhy Facebook is so Important for Real Estate Professionals

If you work in real estate, it is very important that you use all of the resources that are available to you to make sure that you get quick, profitable sales. If you want to keep up with your competitors then you need to make sure that you are making the most of your professional Facebook account.

Why use Facebook?

Facebook (and other social media sites) are designed as a method of connecting people, and you can therefore use the site as a way of connecting your properties up with people who would love them. If your fans and followers “like” and “share” details of the properties that you post, then their fans and followers will also be exposed to these posts. If you encourage clients who are selling their property to share your posts about their house, it will help to get their details out there, but it is also likely to draw people in to look at all of the other properties that you are working with. Therefore, Facebook helps you to expand your audience with very little effort.

Keeping in Contact

Facebook is also a great way of keeping in contact with clients and potential clients. The platform allows you to post both private messages and public comments to people, so that you can keep them updated about anything that they need to know about. The more methods that you have available for people to contact you the more likely that they are to get in contact with you. A lot of people feel nervous about picking up the phone and speaking to someone that they have never met before, so giving them the choice to use social media as a contact method will give them more options to contact you in a way that they feel comfortable about using.

Sharing other Content

As well as being a great place to share content about all of the properties that you have available, you can also use Facebook as a place to share loads of other content. This can include promotional materials and interesting blog content about your business.





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