February 17, 2016

How Real Estate Agents can use Youtube

How Real Estate Agents can use YouTube

Although you may be a pro on Facebook, or an expert at Tweeting, you may not have considered using YouTube to boost your sales and exposure. If you are considering starting up a YouTube channel to promote your real estate business then you should be sure to follow the tips given below.

Post Varied Content

There are a lot of different types of videos that you can make when you are a real estate agent on YouTube, including virtual tour videos of some of the properties that you are working with. Other content can include home decor ideas, and discussions about why “now” is a great time to consider a move to your area.

Post Videos Regularly

Users will come back to your channel again and again if they like the content, but if you do not post new videos regularly they will lose interest. If they know that you will post new videos regularly then they will check back consistently.

Include a Call To Action in Your Video

Make sure that all of your videos give a clear message about what you want interested parties to do, whether it’s selling their home, coming to an open house or even joining you at your real estate office. As well as saying what you are hoping people will do after watching your content, you should also include information telling them HOW to do it. For example, if you want them to contact you about a property viewing, make sure that your contact details are clear at the end of the video. Put these details on the video, rather than just relying on them being on your profile, because some people may not manage to find it there.

Create Backlinks

YouTube is a great place to create backlinks to your company website. As well as taking users directly to your website, backlinks are also useful because they play a part in Search Engine Optimization. Having a greater number of backlinks to your webpages can help to push them up the search engine rankings, meaning that people will be able to find you more easily.




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