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20 Creative Summer Giveaway Ideas

Summertime is here, and for your business, it could mean a prime time for marketing. Summer’s one of the best times to run a social media contest; I love it because there’s a ton of different potential contest themes and prize ideas. In this article, I’m going to give you […]

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How to Drive Real Results With 7 Simple Psychological Principles

It’s no secret that you can influence purchase decisions by incorporating certain psychological principles in your marketing. Luckily, educating yourself about those psychological principles can transform your content marketing and conversions and drive real results. Take, for example, this advertisement from Patagonia → It’s uncharacteristic of any brand to say […]

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25 Creative Facebook Promotion Ideas (2017)

Are you looking to get more out of Facebook for your business? Looking to turn more platform users into Fans and more Fans into customers? There’s no better way than with a Facebook promotion – an incentive to get users to become Fans, increase engagement with your Page, increase awareness […]

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Most Popular Hashtags: The Ultimate List (2017)

Since they were first used on Twitter in 2007, hashtags have grown to become a quintessential part of social media. Nowadays, they’re used extensively (mostly on Instagram and Twitter) to connect users through shared interest and trending topics, allowing people to easily keep their fingers on the pulse of the […]

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26 Strategies, Ideas & Tips

It’s a common question – how do I get more followers for my business’ social media profiles? More followers means more potential customers to market to, and that can mean more sales for your business. Unfortunately, it can be tough to grow your following. It’s even tougher to grow your […]

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20 Ideas, Examples & Strategies (2017)

Are you managing the social media strategy for a young business? Are you wondering how to get the most out of Facebook? Some people might tell you that you have to pay to play. Before you dive into laying down cash, let’s try everything we can do get there organically. […]

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