4 New Ways You Can Use it to Drive Sales

AI this, AI that… It seems that ever since Apple introduced Siri for the first time, Artificial Intelligence has been the buzzword among those of us at least remotely related to tech. In fact, the concept of a computer that can learn and do stuff on its own has become […]

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Wishpond Introduces Bonus Entry Campaigns

If you’re a regular Wishpond blog reader, you already know we’re big on contests. We’ve seen time and time again that they’re one of the best ways to increase brand awareness in your target market, get more social media fans and followers, and turn them into paying customers. We try […]

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Wishpond Industry Report: Marketing Automation

Do you have any questions about marketing automation? This industry report gives you the most recent marketing automation statistics and strategies. We’ll break down the statistics and strategies so you have a more complete understanding of… Marketing automation as a whole What to expect from your automated email drip campaigns […]

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